Dunkirk Access Channel

Municipality: Dunkirk
County: Chautauqua County
Population: 10,001 to 50,000
Type: City

Village Hall: (716) 366-0452

The City of Dunkirk desired a way to connect with the residents of the City in an effective way. Its solution; transform the pre-existing public access television channel. Dunkirk Access is a public, educational, governmental television channel (PEG) designed to display public information, such as city council meetings, to the residents. However, the City redesigned Dunkirk Access to have a broader reach. In addition to broadcasting city council meetings, the City began broadcasting educational pieces including story-reading in both English and Spanish, informative segments on business openings, community events, and even streaming local high-school sports. The City is actively seeking outside grants and funding, to increase its capacity. The City of Dunkirk credits Dunkirk Access as a unique, untapped potential for increasing civic, education, sporting, and entertainment information for its residents.

Cohoes Music Hall

Municipality: Cohoes
County: Albany County
Population: 10,001 to 50,000
Type: City

2017 Local Government Achievement Award

City Hall: (518) 233-2121

When elected in 2016, Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse partnered with the Executive Director of the Palace Theater in Albany to make the Cohoes Music Hall one of the fastest growing music halls in the Capital Region. Prior to the partnership, the Music Hall, which opened in 1874, was operated by a private group responsible for programming and the city kept ownership of the building and was responsible for maintenance and utilities. The cost to the city was $90,000 a year and little revenue if any was received by the city. The group failed to pay its loans to the Cohoes LDC and the Music Hall was on the cusp of closing its doors.