Deer Management Plan

Municipality: Fayetteville
County: Onondaga County
Population: Less than 5,000
Type: Village

2017 Local Government Achievement Award

Village Hall: (315) 637-9864

The Fayetteville Deer Management Plan originated through requests from residents for a solution to the overpopulation of white-tailed deer in the Village of Fayetteville. Residents had been reaching out to the village regarding increased deer-vehicle collisions, personal property damage and more troubling an increase in Lyme disease.The mayor established a Deer Committee in September 2015 to determine the need for and the direction of a Deer Management Plan. The Deer Committee is made up of village trustees, village residents and other interested parties.

Through the committee's research and collaboration with the DEC and Cornell Cooperative Extension the village adopted the Deer Management Plan in November 2015. Using this Deer Management Plan the village has been granted Deer Damage Permits from the DEC and has contracted with USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services to cull deer from village owned and select privately owned properties. These permits have resulted in a reduction of 89 deer from January through March 2016 and 76 deer from January through March 2017. The venison meat created by these culls was donated in full to the CNY Food Bank and distributed within our neighboring communities. The Deer Management Plan also calls for increasing public education related to ticks and eventually moving to non-lethal methods of management.

We are seeing a reduction in the deer-vehicle collisions already, down 30% from 2015 to 2016. Residents have also stated seeing fewer deer bedded in their yards. Deer management is not the only way to combat the growing issue with Lyme disease. The village has held several public education events given by experts at Cornell Cooperative Extension regarding decreasing your personal exposure to ticks. These forums have focused on helping residents change or adapt their landscaping to decrease the environment ticks are most drawn to as well as being vigilant about clothing choices when enjoying nature.

The total cost to the Village of Fayetteville for deer management services in 2016 was $10,955.26. The cost for deer management services in 2017 is $15,835.33. These totals include culling operations and tick and deer surveys. The 2016 costs have been submitted to Onondaga County for reimbursement through funding provided for deer management in Central New York by the State of New York.