Steps to Achieving Legislative Success


  1. Keep Well Informed :: Review updates that NYCOM provides to stay informed on legislative priorities and developments in Albany.
  2. Send Letters and E-mails, Not Just Resolutions :: Make sure you send a letter or email outlining your position and asking for your legislator's stance on a bill or initiative - and remember to cc NYCOM on those correspondence.
  3. If Your Locality Has Special Clout, Use It :: If your legislator is a member of a key committee, it is especially important that your municipality respond to as many bills identified in our legislative newsletters or posted on our website as possible.
  4. Provide input to NYCOM on legislative solutions :: NYCOM determines its priority issues at our Legislative Priorities Meeting, but the NYCOM staff can always benefit from your input on potential changes in state law that would help you do your job better.
  5. Meet Regularly With Your Legislator :: Make it a point to establish an on-going relationship with your legislators and their staff. Be sure to meet with the Member of Congress from your area as well.
  6. Build Coalitions :: There is strength in numbers! Engage community groups and other units of local government to explore potential collaborative legislative action.
  7. Establish a Working Relationship With Your Local Media :: Local editorial support or opposition can be extremely helpful on priority bills, especially for municipalities in key legislative districts. Be sure to send NYCOM copies whenever such editorials are printed.