Peter A. Baynes
Executive Director

Chief executive officer, with overall responsibility for the association and implementing NYCOM policies.

Barbara Van Epps
Deputy Director

Coordinates NYCOM's state legislative advocacy efforts. Also responsible for municipal finance, budget development and implementation, state aid, local tax issues, New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal and the New York Municipal Workers' Compensation Alliance.

Wade Beltramo
General Counsel

Oversees NYCOM's legal department and amicus curiae program. Also handles general legal inquiries, as well as: property maintenance, government reorganization, traffic and parking, zoning and planning, emergency management, economic development and housing.

John A. Mancini

General legal inquiries, as well as: civil service, labor relations, employee discipline, prevailing wage, ethics, volunteer fire departments, police departments and justice courts.

Jennifer L. Purcell
Publications and Advertising Editor

NYCOM publications, including the Municipal Bulletin, publication and conference advertising, photography and administrator of the NYCOM websites.

Rebecca J. L. Ruscito

General legal inquires, as well as: cell towers and telecommunications, energy, environment, procurement, elections and water and sewer.

Richard J. Sinnott

General legal inquiries, as well as: first amendment, parks and recreation, property taxes, libraries, games of chance, animal issues, streets and sidewalks and gifts, loans and fundraising.

Deanna M. Walker
Director of Administration & Finance

Chief fiscal and human resources officer; coordinates NYCOM's administrative functions; manages training events, conferences and webinars and handles all tenant and building management issues.

Administrative Staff

Ursula Cook

Publication orders, public service certificates, and legislative bill tracking.

Lisa Earing
Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director. Also responsible for membership dues and receivable payments.

Norma Jean Sheehy
Administrative Assistant

Label requests, database updates, accounts payable, receivable billings, NYCOM website, and Fall Training School and Public Works certificates.

Eileen Silva

NYCOM Network membership, publication orders, survey management, and Labor Agreements Database Service (LADS) contracts.