Mailing Labels

sample labelMunicipalities, NYCOM Network members and non-members may order mailing labels addressed to individuals holding municipal positions in villages and cities in New York State.

Where Do We Get Our Information?

NYCOM collects information directly from all municipalities within New York State. Data is collected annually by the profiles sent to each municipality and are updated continuously.

Municipal positions have one primary title code that designates the primary job responsibility. As the database is continuously updated, the numbers given for each category may vary slightly. Please calculate your order based on the title groups below:

  • Mayors
  • Managers/Administrators
  • Trustee/Councilmember
  • Clerk/Clerk-Treasurer
  • Fiscal Officers
  • Superintendent of Public Works/Engineer
  • Attorney/Corporation Counsel

Pricing Details

  • Municipalities and NYCOM Network Members may purchase labels at a cost of $50 per title group whether village/city or both are checked off.
  • Non-Members may purchase labels at a cost of $100 per title group whether village/city or both are checked off.
  • NYCOM Network Members receive free or discounted labels based on their member tier:
    • Platinum member of the NYCOM Network (5 title groups free)
    • Gold member of the NYCOM Network (3 title groups free)
    • Silver or Bronze member of the NYCOM Network (10% discount)

If you are a NYCOM Municipal member, or a Platinum/Gold member of the NYCOM Network, you may also access NYCOM's on-line database that includes a list of all New York State cities and villages along with their contact information, county, web address and current mayor.

How to Order

If you are interested in purchasing contact information for mayors, managers/administrators/clerks or other key groups of municipal officials click here to order, or you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 518.463.1185 for additional information.

NYCOM reserves the right to refuse to provide labels for mailings that, in our judgment, conflict with NYCOM policy, are misleading, or are otherwise unsuitable. Please note that pre-payment is required and may be paid for online by credit card or via mailed check sent to: NYCOM Label Request, 119 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12210. Tel (518) 463-1185 • Fx (518) 463-1190

Labels are printed on 3-1/2" x 15/16" one-up, peel-off, stick-on pressure sensitive material. Label color is white with black lasered lettering.